Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Boo Groupon. Yay KlickPlan!"

The title of this post is not an attack on Groupon at all, it's just a quote from one of KlickPlan's early supporters that I thought deserved a call out.

At KlickPlan we actually love Groupon. It's awesome to save massive amounts of money on things that you'd never otherwise spring for - even though I never would have regretted missing most Groupon's I've picked up.

But KlickPlan is not Groupon - in any respect. Though we love Groupon, our mission is fundamentally different. We make group planning simple by getting you the deals you want, when you want them. I know, it's a novel idea, but it's actually a pretty unique one. We've designed an online system and worked with businesses around the Boston area to find out when they have space for groups to come in and what they'd like to offer those groups. Because we take the time to get to know all those details, when you, the user, comes to KlickPlan it's as simple as entering your search criteria to get the perfect deal for your group.

Not only is KlickPlan designed in a way to get you the perfect deal, it's also designed so businesses will have positive results and in turn participate more and more. Through our system, your group always comes in when the business owner has space for you, meaning that you won't be crowding out full paying customers. Additionally, the business knows that you'd have gone wherever the best deal is, so in industry terms offering you a deal does not "cannibalize" any sales. For the business, it's a win-win. Unlike Groupon who forces losses of 75% of sales, we are offering a system to help put local businesses in a better position, not strong arm them into eating losses.

At the end of the day, you get the deals you want when you want them and business owners are happy to accomodate. So, while I am not of the mindset "Boo Groupon. Yay KlickPlan!" I do think it's important to note: Boo Groupon. Yay KlickPlan.

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