Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kareem Reda

Yes. The title of this post is actually the name of a local Boston Area celebrity. You can see a picture of him below. Ain't he charming?

The reason that I bring up Kareem is that he is the most social person I know. And more than that, he is constantly engaging others to participate in out of the ordinary activities. I consider him the White Knight of Mini-Golf, the Dragon Slayer of Go-Karting, and the Benevolent Ruler of Picnics.

And as I think about Kareem engaging Boston to participate in said activities, I also think, how can I help? So that's what Stefan and I have spent the day doing. Kareem, I hope you're okay with us reaching out on your behalf to line up some tracks, some evening cruises, and some bowling and billiards. We're just trying to make your job a little easier.

Plus, it's a lot easier than sending an actual Birthday present.


PS - If you have some other suggestions KR, just toss them in the form at KlickPlan and we'll get on it. And I guess everyone else can comment too.


  1. He is charming. Feel free to include more attractive men on the site. And by "more," I mean "additional."

    Good luck!

  2. P.S. I don't live anywhere near Boston, so I have no activity/locale suggestions, but I have a blogging one. If you want more comments, you might think about taking off the word verification. I highly doubt you'll get many spam comments and it's just another point where people might walk away. Now this has become a really long comment.