Monday, August 2, 2010

The KlickPlan team's favorite new concert venue...

Well, hey there Boston. One thing you might not know about us here at KlickPlan is that all of us have a strange Chicago loyalty. Don't get me wrong, we're ALL about Boston. We're here for good for sure - but we also love that windy city on lake Michigan.

And when a Montreal Band, with ties to Northwestern University in Chicago, comes to town - well, we have to see them. So last night, the team went out and saw the Arcade Fire. Not only was the concert amazing, but we were thrilled with the Bank of America Pavilion on a warm summer day. You can't ask for a better venue. Just check out this blurry camera phone picture!

But why do you care? Because we've just doubled down on our commitment to sign up a music venue for KlickPlan. We pry won't be hitting up the BofA Pavilion, but we are officially calling out Great Scott and the Middle East.

Jump on the bandwagon boys. You're late to the game.


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